Fortres 101


Protect your PC from being modified by third parties


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If you share your computer with other people and notice that things change every time you use it, you can use Fortres 101 to keep people from altering aspects of your computer. Fortres 101 is very easy to use. With it, you can protect certain aspects of your computer from being edited or erased. You can also use it to protect your computer from malware.

This application works invisibly in the background, so it's unlikely that others will notice it. With it you can make sure everything's in order the next time you use your computer. After installing this application, you'll need to review all the possible categories and decide what you want to protect. You can protect the desktop settings so that nobody can alter the background color or icons, for example. Or you can keep people from changing Windows 8 settings or the network configuration, which is especially useful if you want to make sure no one connects to an unsecured network.

Protecting each of these elements is easy. All you have to do is double-click on each box to change it from inactive to active. Even if a third party discovers Fortres 101, they won't be able to change any of its settings unless they have the password you used when you first installed the application. This ensures your PC will be doubly protected.

With Fortres 101, you can protect every aspect of your computer or just a select few in custom combinations, all depending on your needs. If you need to activate and deactivate these options regularly, Fortres 101 also has a pause option, making it easier to access and control the entire computer.

Fully funcional for a 30-day trial period.

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